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24 August 2014 In LPNevada Leadership

Mark your calendars!

The Libertarian Party of Nevada has announced our full event calendar for the rest of the year. The goal is to host fun, regularly scheduled events in different parts of Nevada. The purpose of so many events at different times is to provide options to our members and people interested in learning more about the Libertarian Party.

Everyone is welcome to attend our events so please bring your friends, co-workers and family so they can meet Libertarian leaders, candidates, activist and other members to learn more about us and the projects we are working on.

24 August 2014 In Outreach

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is hosting "Speed Dating" for endorsements over 3 days at different venues in Las Vegas. The goal is to get to meet as many candidates as possible in a format similar to speed dating. The Libertarian Party of Nevada will endorse Candidates in non-partisan races and grade Candidates in partisan races for the 2014 General Elections. Our Candidate endorsements and grades will be published in our 2014 Libertarian Voters Guide. The 2014 Libertarian Voter Guide will be distributed far and wide to Libertarians and Nevada voters.

11 August 2014 In Outreach

Fellow Libertarians,

I am very excited to announce our first membership drive in a very long time-the "Back 2 Basics" Membership Drive. The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada) knows that in order to grow we must first be able to fulfill the essential functions of a political party. It's time to get back 2 basics! The new LPNevada Executive Committeespent the past 8 months working tirelessly to build a strong foundation for the party. During this time, we moved to a divisional structure and created over 50 leadership positions. Each month, we are identifying and placing new leaders and getting more and more organized.

Our goal has been to create real value for our membership and donors. I am working full time as your Chairman and I have personally invested a lot of money into our infrastructure. Because of this we have been able to accomplish some amazing things. As stated in the past, we view LPNevada as a startup company. Before you approach investors in a startup, you have to build a prototype or develop a business model. It would be premature to ask investors to invest in your company before you have created value. LPNevada has built a working model; for the first time ever we have an office, fun events, a great website, regular communications and professional, full time leadership. We feel value has been created for LPNevada!

Our Top Priorities

The mission of LPNevada is to influence public policy into a more Libertarian direction. As stated in my first Letter From The Chair, "historically the Libertarian Party has been ineffective in Nevada politics and failed influencing public policy into a more Libertarian direction. We have not proved to be a viable option for Nevada voters." The good news is that we are well positioned to change this in a big way and we are functioning like a true political party! We are now a viable option for Nevada voters.

Our Political Division and the Public Policy Advocacy and Influence Division have been working on big plans which we are starting to implement now. Over the next two legislative sessions, our goal is to author bills and work on initiatives.

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