County Affiliates

The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) is looking for leaders across the state to get involved and help start up County Affiliates.

The County Coordinator is the State Party’s main point of contact in a non-affiliated county. This crucial leader will start up the social(s) in the county and oversee grassroots volunteer efforts on the ground (days of action). Once you have a size-able group (10-15 people) of social attendees, a majority of which are registered Libertarian Party of Nevada, you can petition for county affiliation to the State Executive Committee.

In order to start a County Affiliate, you must find five (5) people who are willing to serve as Officers and submit their names to the Libertarian Party of Nevada Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, upon approval of your petition, will work with you to organize and schedule an Affiliation Convention thirty (30) to sixty (60) days from the petition’s approval. 

Current Affiliates

CountyChairpersonWeb SiteFacebook Page
ClarkSteve Brownclark.lpnevada.org
WashoeDavid Colbornewashoe.lpnevada.org

You can be the next County Coordinator!

Like the page, then message them to let them know you are interested in helping start the affiliate!

CountyCoordinatorFacebook Page
Carson CityErin